Little Oak are proud participants of the Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve and the Hackbirdge Project which are both high profile environmental projects aimed at creating flagship ecological urban environments. The Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve development aims to create the largest nature reserve in Greater London and the Hackbridge Project aims to create the UK's most green and sustainable suburb.

We also work for a range of conservation organisations on nature reserves and equally importantly we incorporate sound conservation practise in all our work specialising in wildlife friendly gardening for private houses and estates.


Reed Bed planting at Beddington Farmlands aimed at creating habitat for reed bed specialities such as Bittern and Reed Warbler.



Left: Green roof gardening on the world famous Bedzed eco-village

Right: Bat box installation at Beddington Farmlands. Different types of woodcrete and wooden boxes are used to provide hibernation and breeding areas for different species of Bat.



Willow and scrub clearance at Beddington Farmlands. Clearing excess Willow is important in maintaining habitats for wading birds.


conservation felling

Forestry work on Wilderness Island Nature Reserve. Felling of dangerous trees is a neccessary part of keeping nature reserves safe for the public.



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